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Adult Autism Screening Assessments Online

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Gain Clarity With An Online Autism Screening Assessment

Adults who have struggled with social situations, communication, and sensory sensitivities often seek an explanation for their lifelong challenges.

An ASD Screening Assessment can provide clarity and help you understand your unique experience of the world.

Adults With Autism Can Experience:

Social Setting Struggles

Difficulty understanding social cues, body language, and facial expressions. Struggle with making and maintaining friendships, understanding social norms, and expressing emotions appropriately.

Sensory Sensitivities

Overwhelmed by loud noises, bright lights, strong smells, or certain textures. May have a heightened or diminished sensitivity to sensory stimuli.

Repetitive Behaviours

Engages in repetitive behaviours such as hand-flapping, rocking, or repeating phrases.

Communication Challenges

Difficulty with verbal and nonverbal communication including delayed speech development, a monotone or unusual speech pattern, or difficulty initiating or sustaining conversations.

Cognitive Differences

Difficulty with executive functioning skills such as planning, organising, and completing tasks. May also struggle with abstract thinking and understanding other perspectives.

Emotional Regulation

Difficulty regulating emotions, leading to meltdowns or outbursts in response to stress or change.

Varied Manifestations

ASD manifests uniquely in each individual, with varying degrees of impact.

What Does An Autism Screening Assessment Include?

At Jelly Health, we strive to help you get clarity and understand how your mind works uniquely through our tailored assessment process.

The screening assessment involves 3 to 4 sessions, with one session for feedback. The entire assessment process involves the following.

Assessment: Developmental History

A detailed interview will be conducted to understand your milestones, social interactions, and behavioural patterns. Family can participate in this session.

Assessment: Symptom Presentation

Discuss specific symptoms such as sensory processing issues, attention, hyperactivity, anxiety, and social interactions to differentiate between conditions.

Standardised Assessment & Questionnaires

Complete interview-based questionnaires to help you understand how you’ve adapted to cope with symptoms already, by way of camouflaging or masking symptoms.

Feedback Session on Professional Assessment

Receive feedback on findings. If there’s sufficient evidence, you can be referred to a psychiatrist for a formal diagnosis. A formal diagnosis for NDIS funding is required.

Professional Assessment Report (Optional)

Get optional report detailing assessment findings. Adult patients often find the assessment provides sufficient clarity and understanding of how their mind works.

In keeping with best practice some individuals may require further assessment with another health care professional such as a psychiatrist. In particular if the assessment is to support applications for funding. Your psychologist will discuss this with you in the initial meeting.

Our Points of Difference

No wait times

Immediate availability

High expertise

Highly skilled and experienced psychologists

Available for you

Available Australia wide

Personally focused

Person centred care

Benefits of Adult Autism Assessment Online

From the comfort of your home, explore personalised assessment options that cater to your unique needs and preferences. We provide assessments online Australia wide. Regardless of where you live, if you have access to internet and a device, we can help you with this assessment.

Comfortable Environment: Stay in a familiar setting and focus on communication without external distractions.

Increased Control: Computer-mediated communication allows for more control and thinking time during conversations.

Reduced Stress: Decrease stress related to non-verbal communication cues such as eye contact and body language.

Convenience and Flexibility: Connect from home or another familiar environment, with flexible formats to suit individual needs.

How Much is An Autism Assessment For Adults?

At Jelly Health we do not have a one size fits all screening assessment as everyone is different.

Therefore we charge by the hour ($210 per hour).

Price Guide

$210 per hour

Assessment Durations

The initial assessment will involve 3 – 4 one hour sessions.


A standard report will take 3 hours to complete

The report is optional, and pricing will be confirmed in your initial call.

Next Steps

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Jelly Health bulk bill mental health treatment plans?2024-05-08T01:22:07+00:00

Jelly Health does not provide access to bulk billed services. If you have a mental health treatment plan you will be able to claim a rebate of $93.35 per session covered by your plan. This means that you will pay a gap fee of $195 – $93.35 = $101.65 per session.

How will I communicate with my therapist?2024-05-03T05:50:30+00:00

All psychology sessions are online via telehealth video or telephone. You can decide which you prefer.

How much does it cost?2024-05-03T08:16:24+00:00

Psychology sessions are $195 per hour session. This includes 50 mins of consultation and 10 mins for notes.
NDIS psychology therapy is as per the NDIS Price Guide

Who are the therapists?2024-05-03T05:50:44+00:00

All of the therapists at Jelly Health are qualified psychologists who hold registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

How does this work?2024-05-03T05:50:49+00:00

Seeing a psychologist in a virtual session you receive the same service that you will receive face to face with the added benefit of accessing therapy in the comfort of your home or place you are familiar and comfortable. Prior to your session you will be sent a link to access the online session. So you can get the most out of your session, it’s important that prior to the session time you prepare a quiet and private space, make sure your device is charged and you have a stable internet connection.


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