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Personalised therapy supports. All online. Just for you.

We can provide online support for plan-managed and self-managed participants.

Our platform makes it easy and straight forward to connect with a qualified psychologist who can provide tailored therapy supports to help you reach your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you qualify for the NDIS with a psychosocial disability?2024-05-03T05:49:56+00:00

To qualify for the NDIS with a psychosocial disability the NDIA requires confirmation that your disability is
⦁ Permanent – will be with you for life
⦁ Significant – Results in substantially reduced functional capacity and capacity for social and economic participation
⦁ Likely to require lifelong support
In addition to meeting the other NDIS criteria

What is psychosocial disability?2024-05-15T06:51:09+00:00

A psychosocial disability is a term used to describe an impairment that is the result of a mental health condition.
Psychosocial disabilities can include difficulty with communication, cognition, planning, goal setting and task management. People with psychosocial disability can often have an inability to recognise their own impaired functioning.
Not everyone with a mental health condition will experience psychosocial disability.


Can I access this service with NDIS?2024-05-03T05:50:24+00:00

Yes if you are a self or plan managed participant, the psychology supports at Jelly Health can help you achieve your NDIS goals.


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